Having Type 2 diabetes should not turn your world upside down. It should not have you upset or worried about life or frustrated with your mistakes. Type 2 diabetes is manageable, so no reason to hang your head. However, are you ready for what your Type 2 diabetes treatment entails? Are you willing to do what it takes to treat the disease? It is no easy feat, but you can do it. Better yet, tell yourself you will, and do not question it – ever.

If you are curious about which changes you can make and the actions you can take, look no further. To start, here are four lifestyle changes you can make to treat and lower your blood sugar…

1. Eat well. Making healthy food choices will not surprise anyone, but managing your blood sugar levels requires you to eat well. It is not possible to reduce your blood sugar and improve your insulin function by accident. There is no magic pill, and it would be foolish to expect one any time soon.

If the best we have is prescriptions for antidiabetic medications, which only treat the symptoms and not the root of the problem, it is a sign we should not be turning to artificial methods.

If you are to treat Type 2 diabetes, you need to eat healthily, better than you do right now. What does this mean? It could mean eating fewer carbohydrates or making sure the carbs you do eat are the healthy kind like fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, you could start cooking more and eating fewer processed meals.

2. Exercise often. Second and again not surprisingly, is you must exercise. This point stands regardless of the presence of diabetes. This alone should stress its importance.

Do not forget about resistance training, for it has benefits that are most likely of interest to you. Cardio is excellent, especially for weight loss, but should not be your only consideration.

3. Get into yoga. An extension of exercise, yoga deserves mention. You may find this to be an odd entry into the list, but here is why it has been included…

  • yoga helps you get in touch with your body in ways you probably didn’t know you could.
  • it awakens energy within you that compels you to look after your body. It does this by making you feel great.

You may think we are exaggerating. However, you will see what we mean if you give it a try. Relaxing through yoga will help you de-stress, which can help you reduce your blood sugar. However, the best thing about yoga is it can motivate you further to take care of your body.

4. Get frequent check-ups. Lastly and not least in importance is you should get regular check-ups. Less is not more in this case. The average person should get two check-ups per year at the minimum, never mind a person with Type 2 diabetes. Frequent check-ups will help you…

  • monitor your progress accurately,
  • fine-tune your strategies with your doctor’s advice, and
  • help you stay on track.

Make these changes to your habits and routine, and put your Type 2 diabetes into remission. You can do it…