It may not be easy to deal with knowing you are creating excuses for not doing what you should. In all likelihood, you know you should be cooking most of your meals. You know you should not be snacking at your work desk. You know you should be exercising in the morning or the evening. The latter especially may bother you, because you are given two opportunities a day to exercise, before or after work, and you have been skipping it over and over again.

It is true there are other responsibilities to manage. Some people are regularly active, they seem to have more spare time than you. If you had the same amount of time to spare, you would do the same, you may tell yourself. Whether you would or not is irrelevant. What is important is you are given the same number of hours per week as any other individual. If any of your peers are going for walks in the evening, a quick session at the gym in the morning, or a home workout when there are only 20 minutes to spare, what is your excuse?

When you look at this from the perspective of week after week, you should be exercising at least a few times. You should have time to cook – even if it’ is just once a week where you prepare large portions and freeze them. Moreover, no matter what, you have time to eat well because suggesting you don’t just would not make sense.

If your health is satisfactory, or you are dealing with a health issue such as Type 2 diabetes, you need to get serious about your health. You need to take your goals, plans, and efforts seriously. There is nothing that warrants a dangerous mindset and approach more than your health. Once your body begins to degrade, you will start to realize you might have taken your well-being for granted. If this has already happened – perhaps through the development of high blood sugar levels or a high blood pressure reading – you need to get serious about the changes you intend on making. You need to act and act well because the consequences are grim.

Don’t make excuses any longer. Stop postponing what you should have started yesterday, months ago, or a few years back. We promise you it will be worth it. The effort, time, and struggle you will need to overcome will lead to rewarding outcomes. Get serious about your health, and your life, because your ability to live well depends on the quality of your well-being.