Our immune system is very important in helping to fight ill health. Do you know someone who is never very well? Constantly suffering from colds and catching everything that’s going around! Well it could be that their immune system isn’t working as it should and they need to find out how to boost their weak immune system.

We need a healthy immune system to get us through life and to keep us in tip top condition and ensure that we have the energy to let us live the lives we want and to enjoy ourselves. It’s no fun being under the weather and not feeling well. It gets us down and can lead to other problems like depression and not wanting to go out or do anything.

There are lots of thing we can do to boost our immune system. Make sure that we eat a healthy diet of fish, lean meat and fresh fruit and vegetables. Get regular exercise. Look after ourselves by getting enough sleep. It’s no good burning the candle at both ends. We should try to get around eight hours a night.

Avoid alcohol and junk food or only have it in moderation. Drink plenty of water.

If we are constantly ill we will probably end up at our doctors to see if they will give us anti biotics. They will probably do a blood test to try and find out what the problem is!

There are supplements we can take like echinacea and vitamin C. Multivitamins which we can buy at any chemist or health food shop. There are so many different ones that each promise to make you feel better, give you more energy and feel more alive. But what do we choose? We can ask for advice and recommendations from the chemist or shop assistant.

There is an alternative! Take a look at Aloe Vera! This amazing plant has wondrous properties and boosting a weak immune system is one of them.

You can drink aloe vera and taken every morning it works on balancing the immune system and helping to prevent you from picking up colds, flu and other virus’. I haven’t had a cold or a bug for almost three years since I started on the Aloe Vera. It’s fantastic stuff!

It has to be top quality aloe though, so make sure that you get the best you can possible buy. Once you start on this, you will find that you will feel amazing and wonder by you didn’t take it years ago.

For more information http://www.alisonwainwright.weebly.com/healthandwellness