Here’s your checklist to obtaining the ultimate relaxation kit and pseudo-getaway, all in the comfort of your own home:

* Your laptop, your tablet or your smart phone and an internet connection

* Some destination candles from specialist aromatherapy candle suppliers

* Access to your home bathroom and your shower or bath

* Some home-made spa treats

* A cuddly robe, a large fluffy towel and soft lighting

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, your laptop or digital device can be used for relaxation; you can use your internet connection, and get onto YouTube, and then access under the search function for your favorite nature sounds. There are a myriad of beautiful nature sounds available, as I write this I am enjoying the ambience of the waves softly crashing at the beach, and having tingles down my spine with the delight and feel of the ocean all around me.

There are some specialist candle and aromatherapy companies that release destination style candles; you can buy candles that remind you of Italy, South America, Ocean-bound holidays like Hawaii or the South Pacific. When you combine the sounds of nature with the ambience of a scented candle, you are truly creating a unique spa environment in the comfort of your own home.

Pinterest is a wonderful app that you can log onto, and find recipes for a variety of wonderful destination style treats. You can get sea-salt flakes, extra-virgin olive oil, and make a luxurious body scrub. Honey, avocado and yogurt blended together with glycerin makes an amazing hand moisturizer or mask. Just ensure you use clean utensils, and that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Set aside a specific amount of time, in your own bathroom, and run the bath or hop into your shower, and indulge in a long soak or a luxurious shower, and truly savor the experience. Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries as a relaxation aid. The Romans were famous for attending the baths, and would go as a social event. The baths were often a center of a particular community, and would be fed by hot springs. Hydrotherapy has been used as a stress relieving staple for hundreds of years.

After you have indulged in your spa treatments, soaked or luxuriated in your own bathroom, listening to the sounds of nature, and being surrounded by the scents of your favorite destination, wrap yourself up in a cuddly, soft towel, or a large and luxurious silky bathrobe. Put your feet up, and drink some herbal tea, hot chocolate or some filtered water, and sip it slowly and enjoy it.

You will be transformed after your virtual destination holiday spa experience.