Nutraceutical Supplements

The use of supplements is no more new to mankind. A closer study in the field of nutraceuticals has brought forth an interesting observation. The true potential of nutraceutical supplements for men has finally been unleashed. What supplements can do for men’s health is nothing less than a miracle.

Top 5 Health Problems of Men

The growing environmental and lifestyle changes have put at risk the concept of healthy living. The bodies of both men and women behave very differently. This is why their health problems are also different. Supplements are specially designed to suit the structure of men’s health.

1. Baldness

Hair fall is common in women, but hair loss to the extent of baldness is a feature exclusive to men. Hair loss is mainly caused because of DHT – the most potent male hormone. This is why it is found in men in more quantities than in women. This is the reason that hair loss is more intensive in men.

2. Infertility

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is also caused due to low testosterone levels in men. It is the primary male sex hormone. Insufficient testosterone production leads to poor libido and performance. This could lead to reduced fertility in men. About 50% of couple infertility cases is due to the male impotence factor.

3. Fatigue

Low energy is one of the prime health problems of today. Statistics report that the number of men doing white-collar jobs are more than that of women. Therefore, the number of men suffering from a fast-paced lifestyle is more than that of women. Time for a nutrition-rich diet is no more existent. At any given moment, we will be enforced to choose work over diet. Lesser the nutrition, lower is the energy level. Fatigue in men is easily noticed these days. By the end of the day, they are left with hardly any more energy.

4. Cholesterol

Low nutrition can arise out of 2 reasons. Either you don’t eat or you fill your appetite with fast foods. These junk foods contain 0 nutrition value. They are designed to satisfy pallet and hunger, and not health. These fast / junk foods raise ‘bad’ cholesterol level in blood. These elements can be responsible for severe health problems like heart attack and heart failure.

5. UTI

Because of their work, men hardly get to be at home. They are using public restrooms all the time. So, there is no guarantee of hygiene and sanitation. Men are in close proximity with bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Once they enter the tract, they begin to multiply. Moderate to severe UTIs are very common health problems in men.

Nutraceutical supplements can do wonders to each of these health problems if taken in the right manner. There are DHT controllers that block the hair loss hormone and promote hair regrowth at the same time. Other supplements help maintain a fair testosterone level for fertility.

Herbal supplements have their separate importance when it comes to boosting energy levels. Supplements containing nutrients like CoQ10 help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase the ‘good’ ones. Other supplements prevent UTI by blocking the bacteria from attaching themselves to the urinary walls.