Who doesn’t want to be in tip top shape? I bet you do. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as you are hoping it to be. The good news is, it’s not as difficult either. All you need is some desire, a bit of commitment and faith in yourself. This article is for both who have been following a diet and exercise plan as well as those who are seeking one. If you are the former, you might notice that after following any meal and exercise plan, its effects starts to wear out from 5 to 6 months onwards. This is where most of the people start to lose their hopes as well and completely give up on their goal.

It should be noted that human body is extremely complex and intelligent, and it adapts to change quite quickly. However, if you are working towards your goal of weight loss, you want your body to keep changing (i.e. keep losing weight) until you reach your goal. This means that every X amount of time, you need to change your diet and exercise plan in order to trick your body to keep losing weight.

This article is not about a secret formula or one-size-fits-all scheme that promises you the weight loss you wish. This article is about giving you clarity on how weight loss works and how your body responds to it over a period of time. Whatever health plan you are following and provided that you are happy with it, all you need to do is slightly skew it with alternatives and substitutes. For examples, if you are to be taking a certain amount of proteins and fats, don’t rely solely on meat. Spread your weak over meat, fish and seafood, eggs and plant-based proteins. Similarly, if you only cook in olive and coconut oil, try butter and avocado oil from time to time.

If you are used to of having scrambled eggs in your breakfast, try to combine it with diced tomatoes and diced yellow bell pepper. Some alternatives include whole-wheat bread with unsalted peanut butter, bran flakes with cranberries and apple-almond pancakes. All these are good breakfast substitutes if you are on a weight loss mission with a tight schedule.

What this will do is that it will provide variety to your body and digestive system hence keeping it away from adjusting and settling on one type of food all the time, hence allowing you to achieve your goal and do so quickly.