In modern times, yoga has turned out to be extremely useful to promote mental and physical heath. One must also bear in mind that the right attitude, dedication and discipline are some of the key secrets to go deeper into your practice. However, many times for some students, their practice gets affected by injuries. When beginners are sign up for a yoga class, it is always advised to listen to one’s body and sometimes when one tries to push the limits of the body, it can lead to injuries. Practicing safe helps in allowing one to truly benefit from yoga. Here are some tips for you to keep safe throughout the session:

Be honest with your yoga instructor – Always inform your yoga instructor about any sort of injuries or any health issues, old or new, that you have experienced. You can also request the instructor if they can adjust or give you props to get into those poses safely.

Acquire quality instructor – If one is new to yoga, it would be a good idea to search for an affordable private yoga instructor. One must search for an experienced and certified instructor that knows how to handle the body as well as personal needs of the student ahead of entering into a yoga class.

Bring awareness to your body while practicing – For every pose, develop the practice of examining and watching your body. One must understand the importance of studying muscle and joint movements to know which pose works on what body part. This observation not only helps in your practice but later if one plans to teach, this knowledge will come handy.

Understand and accept the truth that everyone has a different level – Yoga class is not a competition. Remember, it is not the right attitude of the student if one is searching around the room and comparing ones practice with others. One must focus and observe on one’s own practice.

If you have not practiced for a longer period, do not expect that you will be able to do all the poses immediately – One needs to practice regularly and must accept the limitations of the body. One must practice regularly and build on it with time so that one is safe at the same time. With regular practice one builds the strength and flexibility to do more advanced poses.

Some poses are not suited for everybody – If there are poses that is causing you pain, right away change it and adjust it in a manner that naturally feels more at ease or just discontinue doing it all together. One must feel free to sit out or use props for the poses that are causing pain. You can also explore other yoga styles and follow the one which you enjoy the most.

Among the points mentioned above, it is also important to carefully select the school or instructor, whose style and philosophy one feels comfortable with. Also, ensure that your school has all the necessary equipments like props, mats etc. to help you in deepening your practice.